32" x 24" Indoor Space Saver Mirror

List Price: $346.33 Our Price: $216.46

The 32" x 24" Space Saver Mirror is discrete and can be used where a less visually intrusive method of surveillance is required at longer distances. The rectangular shape is also ideal in buildings with low ceilings. Complete with adjustable J-Bracket which attaches to an Aluminum Bar on the back of the mirror face. 

  • 3mm Acrylic Face
  • Pure Reflective Coating
  • Cost Effective
  • Lightweight
  • Easy to Install
  • Complete with J-Bracket to mount to a Wall



Part Number 68332A
Size 32" x 24" 
Depth of curve 13mm
Length of Bracket 14"
Mounting Holes 2 x 9/32"
Packaged Weight 7lb
Carton Dimensions 32" x 3" x 32"
Installation Guides
Viewing Distance Up to 55 feet
(Viewing Distance = from Viewer - to Mirror - to Area being viewed)

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