24" Outdoor Half Dome Mirror

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The 24" outdoor half dome mirror is designed for driveway safety such as when a driver needs to see both left and right before exiting a building to avoid collisions. The lightweight vinyl back and lid is sealed to enclose the cavity and can withstand weather. Ideal for busy forklift loading areas, warehouses, factories and industrial buildings. Complete with adjustable outdoor J-Bracket, this innovation in driveway safety is one of the most effective ways to improve two-way visibility. (Due to the deep curve of this mirror, distance and speed is harder to estimate, therefore we do not recommend this model for moderate or fast moving road traffic, but for slower moving driveway vehicles only.

  • 2mm Impact Resistant Acrylic Mirror Face
  • Pure Reflective Coating
  • Vinyl Celuka Back and Lid
  • Outdoor Weather Resistant
  • 180 degree Viewing Area
  • Fully Adjustable Bracket
  • 3" U-Bolts are available for Pole Mounting (purchase separately)



Part Number 68535HO
Size 24" x 12"
Depth of curve 140mm
Mounting Hardware 7 1/2" J-Bracket
Mounting Holes 4 x 7/16"
Packaged Weight 6lb
Carton Dimensions 25" x 8" x 13"


(To purchase U-Bolts, see Pole Mounting U-Bolt Pack)


VIDEO: How to install a Convex Mirror to a Pole using U-Bolts.

Installation Guides
Viewing Distance Up to 30 feet
(Viewing Distance = from Viewer - to Mirror - to Area being viewed)

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